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AFA Certified Aviculturist, Level 2
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Layna's Parrot Place is committed to the proper raising, nurturing, social development and proper ongoing care of companion parrots. You cannot find better parrots for sale anywhere! I am located in the Salt Lake City area in Utah

We belong to the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization and are an officially certified and verified affiliate in good standing. We maintain an active membership in the Parrot Place Community, and are constantly striving to make our Parrot Place location a step above in the industry.

Being a part of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization with its high standards of excellence ensures that we are on top of our game and allows us to offer great value.


No One Else in the Industry Offers This Much VALUE With Each Bird Sale:

  • A One Year Limited Warranty.
  • A 24 Hour Emergency Phone Number.
  • Written Care and Feeding Instructions.
  • A List of Nurturing Guidance Techniques to maintain your birds pet quality and maximize its potential for talking and handling.
  • Free Behavioral Consultation for as long as you own the bird.

To provide a sense of what the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization and the affiliated Parrot Place Locations are all about, we have included a few key areas of information on the Vision and Mission Statements of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization and its membership.  If you would like more information about Parrot Place visit our website.


Through the power of informed and talented people operating Parrot Place Locations, we are able to provide customers with the highest quality Companion Parrots at a superb value; offering superior service and support; providing tailored educational and nurturing guidance training programs; delivering specialty products and services made easy to buy and use; all while raising the quality and ethics of the companion bird industry. 



The purpose of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization shall be:

To ensure that exotic birds are raised in an environment, which provide proper care and training.

To educate our Parrot Place Locations and their customers on the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining companion parrots.

To provide access to the best resources of private breeders, vendors and experts in the field of avian specialties to all of our Parrot Place Locations.

To provide initial and ongoing educational training to all individuals that wish to establish a Parrot Place Location.

To reduce the need of rescue by educating our customers and providing continuing support to our customers for the life they own their companion parrots.


  • What can you expect when you partner with Layna's Parrot Place to bring a Companion Parrot into your life? 
  • Why is Layna and her Flock different from a pet store or breeder? 
  • What benefits do I get buying here?

These are all great questions that we hear from our prospective customers all the time.

We here at Layna's Parrot Place want those that choose to work with us - to find the ideal companion parrot, to know that there is no better value or approach they can find. We strive to ensure that each prospective new companion parrot owner is properly educated, assessed for the right type and fit of companion parrot, and truly understands the responsibility and obligation that goes with owning one of these magnificent creatures. We want to be sure that once our customers have decided on moving forward with their decision to share their lives with a companion parrot that they will have made a logical decision and not just an emotional one.

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